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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Meeting with all facilities

We help companies to escape the cold meeting meetingrooms by offering appropriate meeting-, workshop-, or session-rooms. It will be a guaranteed succes with all the facilities provided. Additionally, you will have the luxury to walk into the city center during the break.

Meet at appropriate distance

If you want to meet with larger groups in our meeting room, we provide table arrangements for up to 4 people. Also 1.5 meters is kept between the next table with 4 people.

Meeting in a tasteful way

Our restaurant is also very suiting for company lunches and diners. We have a shared-dining concept, which can be enjoyed by all. All dishes will be served on the table. With a nice drink, you can enjoy the ultimate taste experience during this team getaway.

Enjoy a company meetin in a informal, comfortable ambiance. By using daily fresh products, the taste of our dishes are optimal and the combinations surprising. We also strongly value health. We work with a 80/20 concept which is prepared with lots of passion and experience: 80% vegetables and 20% meat. Perfectly suitable for people who life a healthy lifestyle.

More information

More information
Officemanagers and HR-managers want to decrease the sickness absence. We would like to get into contact with you, to share with you the nice atmosphere at our location and the healthy dishes that would benefit the cause. Moreover, we can highlight the importance of a healthy diet to your employees. Even during a long day full of meetings.

Keywords Gastrobar Hartig: Healthy food, informal ambiance, terrace, free parking, located in the center.

You can request a quotation for the following:
>> Renting the location for the morning
>> Renting the location for the afternoon
>> Renting the location for the evening (min. 10 people dining)

  • Renting the beamer
  • Renting the Flipo
  • writing utensils are included
  • Koffie/thee arrangement
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • Sodas
  • Beer and wine

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