Shared dining is our concept. Enjoying multiple small dishes together in a informal and comfortable ambiance. First done, first served: order of the dishes served depends on the preparation + cooking time. These dishes could be cold or warm. You will enjoy dishes with influences from the kitchen of Italy, France, Greece, Asia, Morocco, and the Caribbean. “Especially the combination is nice” as told by owners Bernadette, Romany, Stephan en Huib. “Chicken that has been marinated in beer for 24 hours with paksoi on the side. Combining different kitchens is our trademark.”

With the current state of our environment, It is nice to eat somewhere where they care about the planet. At Hartig, we do not fry our food; everything from our kitchen is made with two ovens and one induction cooktop. Nothing more and nothing less than that. We do not cook with gas, as it is a fossil fuel. We only use LED lighting in our restaurant and we plan to utilize solar energy in the near future, to decrease our footsteps.

Five years ago, the family flaunted the idea of opening a restaurant. Back then, the eldest daughter and son did not enjoy their jobs and Bernadette was temporarily without a job. So the timing was perfect. The family gathered during Christmas dinner and decided to take a leap in faith. “Everybody told us we were crazy”. We were in the middle of a financial crisis. Together, as a family, we put our money together and started out small, with a limited menu. Just to see how people would feel about the restaurant.