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Make a Reservation


Make a reservation

We use the following protocol in our restaurant for our guests:

  • Please make a reservation in advance
  • Clean hands on arrival at the designated place
  • Leave the designated reserved table only for toilet use
  • Follow walking lines to the toilet and clean hands before and after the visit
  • Payments are made at the table, contactless by pin or mobile payment
  • Keep away from employees and other guests
  • On the terrace outside, you can only sit

Are you looking for a unique location with a cosy ambiance for your meeting, breakfast or lunch? Make a reservation directly to reserve your spot.

When you want to dine, have lunch or have meetings with larger groups in our restaurant, we provide table arrangements for up to 4 people. Also 1.5 meters is kept between the next table with 4 people.

Are you interested or would you like to receive more information? Send an email to info@gastrobarhartig.nl and mention in your inquiry “book the location” of call at 010-2367548

Breakfast from 20 persons for € 12,50 a person. All inclusief.
Lunch from 15 persons for € 15 a persoon.